First Reactions to Minimizing our Lives

It's a strange sensation, downsizing the years of accumulation inside our 2200 sq/ft home, into a 29ft fifth wheel travel trailer. Strange, and oh so liberating. 


We have spent the last few weeks shedding all that doesn't fit, and all that is unnecessary.  Four truck loads have been donated; couches, tables, cookware, clothing, decor, souvenirs. Four truckloads of STUFF that has been weighing us down.

And I've physically felt that weight for the last two years. I would walk through our too-big-for-two-people house, filled with stuff we didn't need, and feel like I was drowning. We have tried to minimize our stuff for years, but because we have the space, we would always miraculously acquire more stuff! It must be a universal law.

So here we are, 95% moved into our new rig, light as a feather, ready for the open road and all the new challenges that will come with it. Truthfully we have no idea what we are doing. We've never lived in such a small space, with a moveable house. Lots of learning ahead I'm sure. 

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